"Words cannot fully express the gratitude I have for Stephanie and her wonderful work. Her holistic treatments are effective and lead to real results. Since I started seeing her regularly, I have seen a positive impact in specifically targeted areas as well as general improvements in my physical wellness and mental wellbeing. Her great knowledge, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, and nurturing personality make her an outstanding practitioner who goes above and beyond." -Jackie F.

“The compassion, understanding, and attention Stephanie grants me in our sessions is unmatched. For the past 5 years I have spent a small fortune seeing NY's 'best' acupuncturists in search of relief for some chronic physical pain I was enduring due to my work as a dancer. The results were as you would imagine, quite good; but I was seeking more of a fulfilling process in the actual treatment room, I wanted to know why my tongue was being looked at - what did the placement of the needles mean? Chinese Medicine is completely out of the Western Medicine scope and it's comforting to have a practitioner who gets that and provides a little guidance. Stephanie takes the time to explain the nuances of TCM in relationship to my body. It's empowering to think of my health as a collaborative effort. Outside of her expertise as an Acupuncturist Stephanie makes wonderful recommendations on books, nutrition, articles, podcasts that have helped me alongside my healing journey. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking therapeutic mind/body treatment, she is the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with.” - Genna B.

“Stephanie is superb. I’ve been doing regular acupuncture and herb treatments with her for about 9 months and I’ve seen real results. She’s comfortable to talk to about what issues have brought you in that day and she has remarkable listening skills. It’s not uncommon for her to say, “Since our last treatment I’ve been thinking about something you said, and I have some questions…”. She is patient with long-term issues and incredibly encouraging about successes and improvements. I’ve recommended her to friends, and I am so grateful for her wonderful services.” - Ann G.

“Thank you for your help and encouragement in improving my wellness. My knee pain has become a non issue. Also, your treatment to reduce my cravings for alcohol has been very successful. I am grateful for these benefits and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.” - Karen R.

“My past acupuncture treatment experiences stemming from Flushing, NY to China Town were ineffective. I had given up on a friend's recommendation for acupuncture. However, all that changed under Stephanie Goichman's direct care. When I met Stephanie what first struck me was her inner peace and serenity. Her calm demeanor has a ripple effect on you...Each session I was improving at a remarkable rate. I was sleeping much better. I was more relaxed and my pain was diminishing. Stephanie is very thoughtful and has healing energy that radiates from her hands and being. I highly recommend her. I have found my life long acupuncturist! I will follow her wherever she goes!” - Elsie S.


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